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Five Tier Connect Release Schedule and Product Roadmap

Updated September 30, 2020
Note: as of this date, documentation of the release schedule and product road map is still in development and not 100% complete.
This notice will be removed once the first documentation build is complete.

Five Tier Connect (major release v3) is a fully built and operational Connected Media platform enabling businesses of all sizes - from startups to Fortune 500 brands - to target, engage, and attribute marketing campaigns more efficiently and effectively..

Through each release we prioritize enhancing the most used modules of the platform. From time-to-time we may temporarily sunset modules that are less used than others. These modules will be marked as "on hiatus" on our product development roadmap.

If a module that you are interested in or need is currently marked as on hiatus please contact us so that we can prioritize re-integrating that module in an upcoming release.

If you find a bug, issue, or to submit an enhancement, please contact us through the live chat application in the lower right hand corner of this page for the fastest response or email

Below is a current breakdown including notes and statuses for core modules of Five Tier Connect and features within:

Login and Registration Pages
Fully Operational with No Known Bugs or Issues
- Encrypted Login
- Encrypted Registration
- Forgot Password
- Remember Me

Planned Enhancements
- Universal Login (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn)
- reCAPTCHA for registration

Known Bugs or Issues
- None

Registration may occur via public home page, application login, or sales partner portal.


Audience Builder
In Progress
- Exact Match Targeting

Media Plan Builder
Inclusive of Digital Out of Home, Connected Television, Streaming Audio, and Digital Display

Text (SMS) Distribution

Email Distribution

Ringless Voicemail Distribution

Direct Mail Distribution

Intelligent Cross Channel Automation

Native Website Analytics Code

Third Party Website Integration

Third Party Payment Processor Integration

Moving from On Hiatus to Complete
Square (Q4 2020)
Shopify (Q4 2020)
Quickbooks (Q4 2020)

Dashboard Carousel Module
Campaign Report View

Updates in Progress
Add close button to campaign report view if no campaign selected
Restrict date input before start date
Exact Match tab for Target Markets
Calculate play distribution when selecting the Input Budget & Bid option
Reset state of Attribution Tool when closing
Reports Date Range Picker - format dates based on earliest and latest dates selected for the Campaign
Fix placement of Device Distribution title
Add fixed height to Target Audiences section, and enable scrolling
Reporting Section - allow for multiple States to be represented on Map

File Library (Management)

Lead Research

Customer Relationship Management (CRM - "Connections")

Account Settings
- Tiered Account Setup and Access

User Settings

Sales Partner Portal

Updated on: 30/10/2020

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